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Who Am I as a Teacher?

Digital Story

I have confidence in being myself and to be creative and fun. I was a hand’s on child engaging in dress up and had a love for art. I am still this person and even more so now. These are the areas I remember from my childhood and this influences me as a teacher. When children are hands on I believe they will remember this more.

 There are many people who have inspired the way I think and act. They have accomplished things that have inspired me and pushed me to believe in myself. This then inspires me to encourage others – including my future pupils.

Believe in yourself and you are half way there”.

My Mum is a great teacher. She has taught me many skills and influenced who I am today and the way I do things. She never lets me give up and pushes me to do the best I can, as well as supportive. Loco-parentis. Teachers have to act as a parent or carer. From the aspects my Mum has influenced me with support me in how I will act with my future pupils as a teacher.



I adored primary school. I was surrounded by supportive, fun teachers. I was not the most academic child, I struggled and I never  knew why. Regardless of this, I was always helped and always encouraged. This made me push to work harder to achieve a goal.

On the other hand, high school was less supportive but I was able to leave with average grades, an amazing friendship group and crazy memories. I was head girl in my final year and was able to support the school and fellow pupils.

Results day was an awful day. My aim was to do A-levels but the college wouldn’t allow me due to my grades. They offered a BE-TEC course and I didn’t know what to think about this. After three months of learning about how children learn and develop, as well as spending two days a week with children, I LOVED IT. It was hard but the first hand opportunities with 0-8 year old’s gave me the experiences I need now to be a teacher.

Following this, this is where I am today. All experienced have shaped me as a teacher because I know what teacher I want to be. I want to be like the primary teachers I had – supportive, fun and caring.  I want my future pupils to feel comfortable to get it wrong and know they have support from myself to get it right, because no one is perfect!

This is who I am as a teacher and also who I WANT to be as a teacher as I continue to develop over time. 


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