Building Solutions for Resilient Teachers

This meets the Teachers Standards 1 and 8

This is life when dealing with situations. It is not an easy straight path, there are “pits” that will affect the path to success. I understand this as I feel that I am able to support myself when I am in the “pits”, as I experience them regularly in life such as managing important work and sociable time.

Knowledge of Self

3 positive traits – Good listener, Caring, supportive

2 negative traits – sensitive, worrier

Situations you feel comfortable in – Environments I am familiar with

Situations not comfortable and feelings – New situations and environments with a negative atmosphere and I feel anxious and  unsure

It is good to know the person you are and the feelings you feel when you are not comfortable, so you can then overcome this. 

stressThere are ways to manage stress: 

-Time Managements

-Arrange a Schedule

-Prioritise to do lists

-Have time for yourself.



Time Evaluation Matrix 

I prioritise work in university such as assignments and reading. This would be classed as urgent and important. Also in this section there would be family, as I feel this is very important. In the important but not urgent section there would be time with friends, in this section there would also be university work such as files and also work for myself. This is because I would be able to do this but there are other situations that would be dealt with first.


I feel that I spend a lot of time in important but not urgent. As well as this I feel that I spend equal amounts of time in important and urgent.



A way to stop stress is to stop negative thoughts and think of the positives. This could be done through writing them down or speaking to someone about them. As well as this, to focus on the positives so it will outweigh the negatives. I feel that I do this more than talking about issues as I am an optimistic person. As well as this, I feel that a strategy I use to minimise stress is relaxation time and also colouring in: concentrating on something else then dealing with the stress.

Other ways to cope with stress are to take care of yourself, eating and resting is important. As well as this, asking for her or helping others will support coping with stress. Time to relax will also support coping with stress. I cope with stress through relaxing and resting and occasionally talking to others. 

My first aid kit to support me when I am stressed, these aspects help me to calm  down and think positive. The main area is dancing and walking. These aspects help me think rationally and relieve stress. 




What you need to be a resilient character. I think that in a school setting enthusiastic is an important characteristic because this is what children need to support them in learning. Also I have put adaptable in the centre of the person because teachers need to adapt to support others. 



You need to work on your health and well-being to ensure you do not overload yourself. 



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