The  past two weeks have been based on Active Inspire and our Expression devices. The sessions have been hands on and I am still practicing and testing out the devices. I am exited to try them out in the classroom as I feel my knowledge of the devices will develop and flourish through these experiences.


Today’s session was out final session and started with a Alice and wonderland themed celebration. As well as he lowvky cakes, it taught me how acheivements can be celebrated as well as a learning experience. For example the theme of Alice and wonder land rand brought the session and offered fun activities using Klikaklu. A treasure hunt app, this would be great for science and also for assessment!


I will definitely use ‘Class Dojo’ on upcoming placements because I feel it is an excellent was to incorporate children and their parents. It also offers motivation to children in your class and can be developed further. As well as this, parents can log in and check the children progress in behaviour as well as seeing what their child’s one that day, this is done with a code so parents ca. Only see what their child is doing. This us supported me in developing my knowledge in TS7 which was an area for development of mine at the beginning of year 1. The teacher can ha he the point system/comments and points this could then link to areas the children are not doing so well in or are doing well in eg using their indoor voice.


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