Foundation Subjects

Religious Education, Geography, History, Physical Education, Art, Languages, Music and Design and Technology.

Year 1 notes for these subjects can be found in a file as a hard copy.Year 2 note are also in a hard copy format but are summarised below.

Religious Education 

In this session we recapped what was remembered from the previous session  (year 1). This included the attainment targets and using pupils as resources. The key skills and themes were also recapped.

The key skills are; Thinking, Communication, Enquiry, Reflection.

Themes included; Celebrations, Believing, Symbols, Leaders and Teachers. (there are also more and can be found in the NC).


This session was based on planning. RE can be planned to also be creative and not a worksheet based subject. Community based schools see RE as a foundation subject, where as faith schools see it as core subject therefore, it is taught equally as much as English or Mathematics.

In relation to planning for Community RE each Local authority has different learning outcomes for schools and also support to plan. Lancashire follow the ‘Field of enquiry framework’ when planning RE. In addition, Faith schools usually have a written format which they have to follow when teaching RE.

The following session was based on Toolkits for RE and also Islamaphobia. 

There are many activities that could be used when teaching RE. 

  • Teaching through popular culture 
  • Kahoot – Fun and interactive. Includes technology and the teacher can track the answers of her pupils for assessment 
  • Expert groupsDiscussion is present and children can share their knowledge of an area. Collate all information about an area. 
  • Eight fold path and rules to live bythis activity starts with teaching facts about religion then making it personal. 
  • Transform and reducetransforming complex stories or facts into simple sentences to help understand the story more. As well as forming sentences art can be used to reduce a story by drwaribg the main theme. 
  • Table of relevance offers discussion opportunities for children which supports one of the key skills of RE. Also offers time for debates and also time for children to argue in a safe environment. This activity can use any question and needs to be done through the persons opinion. 

This session supported me in developing ways to teach children RE and how to teach RE without stereotypes and misunderstandings. It is important not to group people and explain media posts to children as they are not always true and can cause Islamaphonia. 





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