Behaviour Management

Following the seminar and lecture on Understanding behaviour I evaluated the behaviour management I have seen on Professional practice, exemplar visits and volunteering. 

When on Professional practice, there were many behaviour strategies that where identified and they are listed below:


When observing these strategies in practice I developed an view on there impact on the children’s behaviour. For instance I feel that the strategy of distracting the child with a behaviour trait was a beneficial strategy as the child would be distracted with other tasks. On the other hand this strategy may not work with some children.

When I have experienced reception classes I have observed that their behaviour management strategies consist of reinforcement. This was observed on an exemplar along with when I volunteered. I feel that this is a good strategy for the age because it supports them in understanding why they can not use particular behaviour. 



As well as this, when in reception classes the use of rules was continually reinforced. The schools both had set rules which ran throughout the whole school. therefore, by having rules displayed and learnt at an early age this would support the children in following them if they understand them from a young age. 


At the beginning of Year 1, behaviour management was a target I set for myself. Following Professional practice and observing behaviour management I feel that I have grown in the confidence of this area however the strategies I use in the future would depend on the children I am working with. In my hard copy TSP a reward system can be found. This was the system fellow trainees and I used on Practice. 

In addition to this, when I am on my next professional practice I would like to continue to develop strategies for this area as children all differ in how their behaviour is conditioned.


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