Observation… what is the purpose?

I feel that the purpose of observation is to identify if the children are learning in their environment as well as developing in a way specific for their age. As well as this teachers can identify many things by observing children, for example SEN could be identified when observing or social barriers or a gifted and talented area. I also feel we observe for the benefit of the children to assess if the teaching is catering to their needs, which would then benefit the teacher to assess their pedagogy and prepare future planning and lessons. Finally, I feel that another purpose of observation is to keep the children safe and get to know children.


I feel that this is a good process to follow through when observing children in an activity or in free flow play. Observation can support assessment and this would come into place in the Judgement part of this process when the observation is over.

When observing we have to ensure we are observing closely and ensure we do not misinterpret what we see. Therefore, recording personal judgement, feelings or emotions of the observer or the child may impact the outcome of the observation.

When observing it is important to not focus on one child and note down the dates and times occurrences happen. As well as this, the  observer will have to choose one area to focus on, for example the teacher should focus on a specific area instead of trying to observe more than one area.

When on Professional Practice Phase 1A, I observed 3 children in situations and also got to know them in depth to complete a student profile (can be found in placement file). In addition to this, I also observed the class teacher to develop my toolkit and skills and also when I taught lessons I observed the children for many reasons. 


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