Lesson Planning

When planning teachers have to take a lot into consideration, the main one being their pupils. Teachers will have to take;  the school’s ethos, national curriculum, planning policies, long term plans, medium term plans and previous individual lesson plans. 

Lesson Planning must haves:

  • time management
  • resources
  • additional adults
  • prior knowledge
  • lesson objective
  • differentiation

When planning it is also important to indicate how assessment will take place. Assessment criteria is the evidence that will be gathered to identify if the children have met the lesson objective. Assessment intentions is what I, as the teacher will do to gather the information for example, formative assessment techniques, discussing with the additional adults. 

Lesson Planning links to Teacher Standard 4 because this standard is about planning and teaching structured lessons for the children. In addition to this, planning relates to teaching standard 5. 

Teaching Standard 5. Adapt teaching to respond to the strengths and needs of all pupils. 

Therefore, lesson planning links to this standard because when teachings are planning they will need to take their pupils needs and strengths into consideration to ensure they can learn to their best ability. 

When on professional practice phase 1A I had the opportunity to teach alongside other trainees and also independently. When teaching the children, we had to plan as a team or work together to plan individual lessons. When teaching independently we planned on out own, however, we supported one another and linked our sessions. Evidence of this planning can be seen in the placement file 2. 


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