Motivating Children

There are many ways to motivate children when teaching them. They could include: practical activities, being an enthusiastic teacher as well as acknowledging the pupils and also showing interest in their work and what they enjoy.

When motivating children a good technique is to let the children set their own goals. This is because it will offer them ownership which may motivate them to follow them m
ore. As motivationwell as this, if children create their own rules and goals they may be more achievable for the children.

There are two different types of motivation, extrinsic – motivated to do well for a secondary source EG the teacher, or intrinsic – motivated to do well for themselves. When working with children it is more vital for them to be intrinsically motivated and this is what schools and teachers will strive for. This is because the children will then take responsibility for their actions, work and learning, this them meeting teacher standard 2.

It is important that teachers show they are enthusiastic about learning because if their attitude shows otherwise this will affect the children.

As teachers we want our children to have a growth mindset where the want to achieve more and know their talents and abilities. Where as some children may have a fixed mindset which means they believe they cant develop or learn anymoredont-give-up.

Therefore, if children have a fixed mindset it is important that the teacher motivates that child in ways that will meet their needs, this will work well if the child is extrinsically motivated.

Triggers that could motiv
ate children are: imagination, curiosity, relevance, relationships, competence, choice, fun or challenge. When on professional practice I identified that the class I was working with, were motivated by fun activities as well as curiosity. Therefore, when planning lessons I ensured they were as fun and interactive as possible to support the childrnen’s need and learning.



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