Inclusion links to Teacher Standard 5 and 2.

I feel that this image best explains Inclusion and ensuring it is implemented in the schools setting.


Therefore, this shows me that inclusion is ensuring all children are treated the same despite their individual needs/appearance/abilities.

When in a school setting it is important to ensure children are treated the same and inclusion is occurring. Children in schools settings may have barriers to learning and/or special educational needs. Inclusion should still be carried out and present if children have SEN and this is where the SEN Code of practice 2014 comes into act and also other Acts such as the Equalities Act 2010.

In relation to Inclusion when on Professional Practice 1A I had a child in my class who had Autism. He would not like to be involved in sessions that included drama or activities where he could be the centre of attention. Therefore, when planning sessions that involved these types of activities I ensured that he had roles which did not draw attention to him however he would still learn from the experience.

This supported me in practising inclusion when planning sessions and adapting them to children’s individual needs. In addition to this all sessions are inclusive to the children as when assessing the children’s learning, I would plan the following session to the children’s needs and learning. Additionally, I would like to continue to practice this area as it is a vital aspect of teaching.







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