Learning Theories  


Behaviourism is a theory which believe children believe in a particular way due to various aspects. There are two versions of this classical conditioning and operant conditioning. 

  • Classical conditioning is where children behave due to a stimulus and response. For example in school children could be taught through route. 
  • Operant conditioning is when children behaviour due to reinforcement. For example children could be taught by a teacher continually telling them to behave a certain way. 
  • Operant conditioning can be positive or negative. 

I have seen operant conditioning on practice in both positive and negative ways. Positively I observed this style when teachers used praise to condition children’s behaviour. On the other hand, I observed negative reinforcement when the teacher removed stickers from charts to condition behaviour. 

I used positive reinforcement on practice and this is evident in a hard copy of my portfolio.  


This is another learning theory and it is a child center d approach. This approach seems children’s as thinkers. 

Three theorists that have believe in this theory are: Piaget, Vygotsky and Bruner. 

  • Piaget believe that children learn in stages 
  • Vygotsky believe that children learn in a social environment and children follow through the Zone of proximal development 
  • Bruner believes in scaffolding children’s learning. 

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