Race, Ethnicity and Education

Race – dividing people into groups on the basis of their genetic physical features – socially constructed notion.

Ethnicity – A group of people who share cultural traditions

Nationality – Belonging into a particular notion


Race and Ethnicity depend on your own position, which are: gender, age, class, upbringing, relationships.It is important not to stereotype and also be aware of perception. This can be seen as difficult because the media and newspapers influence peoples ideas. In schools teachers have a great influence, power and responsibility in relation to this. Therefore, teachers need to assess what they think before their voice their opinions, incorporate resources from all cultures, promote race, ethnicity and culture and finally to respect all pupils. In relation to Law, The Equality Act 2012 is the Law which is followed in relation to race, ethnicity and culture.

The duty of teachers is to show moral and professional behaviour, follow code of conducts and adhere to Teacher standards at all times even outside of the school.


Through a seminar and lecture I have learnt various information regarding race, ethnicity and nationality and also how this comes across in schools. Firstly, I developed my understanding of race, ethnicity and nationality. Before this knowledge development I thought race and ethnicity where the same thing where in fact they are not. Race is the physical features and ethnicity is who you are and where you come from.

I feel that a person needs to understand what their ethnicity is because it creates awareness and also a persona about yourself.

I also learnt that when around certain people a person may change the way the view things. This may affect race and ethnicity and also how they perceive this. it is important to not make children feel as though they are a minority and ensure that all pupils feel they are a majority but their individual needs are also taking into consideration.

Also, stereotypes should not be used or implied in schools as this may affect a race or ethnicity. The area that surprised me ids the good practice. One section in an activity stated that a child was asked to speak about their culture this was seen as inappropriate. When this was spoken about I agreed but this surprised me because I believed it would offer children pride in where they have come from and also teach their peers about their cultures.

Therefore, from this I would like to develop my practice in relation to race and ethnicity. This is because I would like be able to encourage children to be happy and proud and confident about where they come from and also their appearance




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