Gifted and Talented

This post supports Teacher Standard 2 and 5. This is because by learning about gifted and talented then teachers are able to learn about children’s capabilities and adapt the environment to this.

More able – achieving or potential to achieve in advance if their peers in one or more academic area

Talented – achieving or potential to achieve in Adam e to their peers in music, art, sport of creative art

Many factors could effect a child’s talent – resources, curriculum timer, extra curricula time, parental influence, self esteem.

Transition – gifted and talented children may fail in the early years of high school.

**This relates to primary education because children may enter secondary school unaware of their talents and primary schools make the secondary schools aware of what the child is achieving, therefore the primary educators need to ensure children and schools are aware of the children’s talents to support the further development**

Failing G&T Because… 

  • lack of identification -unaware of pupils, teachers should know what their children are doing in their free time
  • Lack of collaboration – need to work with other educators especially secondary schools, higher ks2 should know and visit their next school
  • Misunderstanding of provision – what is done about their ability/talent challenged? 
This padlet page supports the understanding and ideas to challenge children in their able activity or talent. This can be used as a resource for myself for future practice. 

When on PP1A I encountered children who were talented in an area. This ranged from talents in football to drawing. I discovered these talent by getting to know the children and as a result of this, I was able to us this to support the development of their talents. For example the little boy who was talented in drawing struggled with writing. When science and foundation activities were planned, arts was incorporated so he could share what he has learnt through little words and drawings instead of struggling to express this through writing. This then supported his talent as he had opportunities to practice his talent. Following the reflection of this, I would like to progress my knowledge in understanding how to become inclusive with a focus on gifted and talented.


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