IOM Risk Assessments

risk assessments

As we are going on a small trip on Monday, the teachers and myself have had to carry out a risk assessment. The trip involves walking around the local area identifying different types of homes and the materials they are made out of. This is linking to our Geography topic and science. The risk assessment involved the teachers and I walking around the area the children would be following on the day. When the risk assessment was physically complete it was then formally completed. In the IOM all schools use ‘evolve’ to record their risk assessments and notify the department.

The sections that had to be filled in for the risk assessment were: purpose of the trip and the learning outcomes, emergency contact, dates, travel arrangements, leaders name, other staff attending, checking the ration is correct and specific risk assessments.

This an easier, quicker way to formally complete risk assessments for trips – especially as it takes you through step by step ensuring the correct data is there. As it is also sent to the department this ensures that they know about this quicker than sending it via post.

This experience has taught me how to carry our a risk assessment prior to a trip including how the schools on the IOM record their information – this is meeting Part two of the Teachers’ Standards.


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